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    No outfit is complete without a professional manicure and pedicure. JJ Nail Salon provides everything from detailed nail art to dipped nails and even facial waxing.
    Our nail shop specializes in providing unique and beautiful designs unlike anything you have seen. Marble nails and dipping ombre can add depth to otherwise monotone nails or get a long-lasting manicure with gel nails.
    From our full body waxing services to quality nail art and design, JJ Nail Salon is proud to be your professional beauty and nail spa.

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Our hands and feet are essential to completing the tasks of everyday life, and sometimes they deserve a break. At JJ Nail Salon , we provide you with a relaxing manicure that lets you continue to make the most of your hands.

Clean, shapely nails make a statement in any setting, personal or professional, and a splash of color can be empowering. Our nail shop excels in helping you feel your best. The gradient of ombre nails can be particularly striking, without being too showy. Meanwhile, acrylic nails can make the whole room pay attention.

If you are looking for the perfect pedicure, then come on over to JJ Nail Salon in Lincoln, NE. We will set you up with shellac nails or any other style of your choice. We want our manicure to give you an excuse to relax and take time for yourself.

Nail art
Nail Art

Nail art brings your nails to the next level, with bombastic colors and mesmerizing designs for all styles of individuals. The sky is the limit when it comes to nail art. Marble nails create unique patterns lifted from water onto your fingertips. 3D nails bring vibrant shapes to life. Of course, you can always go with the classic pink and white nails.

The artists at our salon are trained to be attentive to all the details. We can give you the perfect nails for any occasion. Special designs for the holidays can be a ton of fun, from shiny shamrocks in March to tiny Santas on every nail come December.

Nothing turns heads quite as much as fanciful and fun nail designs. Come to be pampered, and leave with tiny works of art on every finger. JJ Nail Salon is located in Lincoln, NE, and can’t wait to help you put your nails on full display!

All day spa
Day Spa

Our nail shop isn’t just a place to get your nails done. It’s a day spa where you can relax and be pampered from head to toe. It’s time you made a little “me” time and enjoy a slow day. You deserve a treat after all your hard work and busy days.

The staff at our nail spa is professional and friendly. Our goal is to make sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as you can be from when you walk in to when you leave at the end of your stay. We’ve hand-selected our chairs to ensure the comfort is lasting, no matter how long you spend laying back while we pamper you.

When you’re ready to go, you’ll have gel nails to go with you. If you would prefer dipping ombre coloration, we can do that for you too. Pick your style of nail and waxing, and relax while we indulge you in excellent service.

Eyebrow waxing
Eyebrow Waxing

Your eyebrows are the first thing many people notice about you when they look at you, even if they aren’t cognoscente of it. They frame your face, and poorly plucked eyebrows look uncanny and unnatural. Avoid making the wrong impression with professional eyebrow waxing.

JJ Nail Salon in Lincoln, NE will style your eyebrows to fit your frame and preferences at our waxing salon. We don’t stop at the eyebrows, either. We provide facial waxing for everything from your upper lip to your chin.

Remove unwanted hairs and shape your face with professional eyebrow waxing. JJ Nail Salon provides friendly and exemplary customer service every day, and will make you feel welcome and comfortable throughout the waxing process. Come and visit us today.

Full body waxing
Full Body Waxing

If you are tired of having to shave every day, then JJ Nail Salon in Lincoln, NE can help. We provide full body waxing that uses the most effective and sanitary waxing techniques. Our waxing salon is the best choice to stop in for a day at the spa.

We use only high quality wax so that you do not get any strange or allergic reactions. We specialize in facial waxing, but can get you a full body wax so that you are ready for the swimsuit season. We are gentle and careful so that you can be as comfortable as possible throughout the experience.

If you are ready to get rid of unwanted hair, then schedule an appointment for one of our many waxing services. Give us a call at (402) 261-8110 to speak with our beauty experts about all of our available options, and find out what is right for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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